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A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
11 November 2021 @ 06:55 pm

I am considering making an intro post and the link would go here
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
08 February 2011 @ 03:45 am
 xenizational  has been updated and after I get up tomorrow I will actually explain quite a bit of the situation in it.
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
23 July 2010 @ 09:06 am
Growing up I listened to a lot of different music. My parents definitely believed in the universal language of music and today I feel the same way. So here are random songs, and the most awesome video ever Frontier Psychiatrist.  
The ones under the cut are from hitting shuffle <3

Songs.Collapse )
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A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
Which alias or code name would you be known by if you were a secret agent?

Agent S, no doubt.
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A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
14 May 2010 @ 05:43 pm
In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Formal Attire Zombies
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Current Music: Skeletons - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
06 September 2009 @ 04:52 am
 i'd like to think of jesus as a mischievous badger. 
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
What does your ideal lifestyle look like 10 years from now?
Like this except better theme music and more nudity.
Current Music: Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
06 July 2009 @ 01:29 pm
If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
First Twenty
Jenna Bush Army - Nerf Herder
Feed Ginny Weasley - Draco and the Malfoys (version)
Snape - The Remus Lupins
Draco and Harry secretly want to make out - The Whomping Willow
What kind of name is Hermione - The Parselmouths
First Day of my life - Bright Eyes
Clever Girls like Clever Boys much more than Clever boys like Clever Girls - Pelle Carlberg
Epic Last Song - Does this offend you, yeah?
Cavanaugh Park- Soemthing Corporate
Fade into you - Mazzy Star
Primitive (The way I treat you) - Ambulence LTD
Scream - Ima Robot
Time to Pretend - MGMT
Mikey Rocks - The Cool Kids
Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk
In the Sun - Joesph Arthur
Ashley - The Dodos
Bryn - Vampire Weekend
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Current Music: Fake French - Le Tigre
A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
19 March 2001 @ 04:14 pm
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Pimping it!

I know big shocker another land community popping up on livejournal but this one looks really promising. Plus this post is earning me I believe five points for TEAM LAB.

Join TEAM LAB, it's where it is at silly fools!