And I want life in every word to the extent it's absurd

What I lack in spelling and grammar I make up in schemes and vivid rants

A Mark. A Mission. A Brand. A Scar.
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Lets see this is where I tell complete strangers how I see myself, and how they should too, but it probably will blow up in my face, as I am not good with expressing myself in type. I am AshLee, and no Microsoft Word my name is not spelt wrong. 

I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself.

I am easy like sunday morning. Not a Meat Eater. Twenty. INFP. Strong. Possessive. Secretive. Rebellious. Smart. Political. Snarky. Quirky. Proud. Sexy. Loving. Caring. Romantic. Charming. Shameless. Easily Distracted. Colorful. Self-Indulgent. Picky. Irrational. Feminine.

Someone worth getting to know.


Love more than HP about the series and still wish Neville had ended up with Ginny? Listen to too much wrock (as if that's possible)? Want an animagus form? 
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Join Team Chaos, because Evil is SEXY, at sailormoonland  

Love Nathan Fillion and television crime dramas? Me too! That's why I joined Team Javi Hotness, I mean Team Esposito at castleland  

Something I call Personality

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